Georgian Bay Boards

Made by hand in Stayner, Ontario.

Handcrafted to last for generations! Georgian Bay Boards® are functional epoxy art pieces designed to be used for serving charcuterie or cheese. All boards are handmade from sustainably-harvested, kiln-dried live edge wood that is local to Georgian Bay.

Safe for direct food contact all boards are coated using nut-free, food-safe & eco-friendly products.  The artisan advises that these boards are not suitable for hot items.  Each board is priced individually based on size, wood species and artwork.



Kitchen & Dining Accessories

Quality dining essentials for upscale entertaining or simply everyday use.




 Table Linens

Placemats and table runners designed to add texture, warmth, and style to your place settings.  Easy care instructions help add an easy living lifestyle to your entertaining.




Elevate your warm beverage routine with these beautiful vessels.

Dishwasher and microwave safe.



Keith Watson - Wood Artisan 

Keith Watson, brings together woodworking and art to make beautiful and timeless pieces.   Each handcrafted wood piece possesses unique characteristics, colour and style.  No two pieces are alike. We recommend an in-person shopping experience to view our available selection.

Created in Cameron, Ontario



Clayworks Pottery 

Inspired by the natural world, Jodie Hames’ pottery is an exploration of colour and texture.  Her upbringing in Parry Sound is visible, through her use of colour and the Jack pine tree as a motif.  Through handcrafted small batches, functional items take on special qualities through different processes and techniques such as carving, stamping, drawing and glazing.  The serendipity aspect of clay ensures every piece is original. We recommend an in-person look at our current selection. 

Hand made in Nobel, Ontario



Clay Rituals

Why "Clay Rituals"?  We live in a time where we do everything too fast, even the simple things like having a cup of tea.  Seldom do we take our time, enjoying the moment. Sharon knows that her handmade creations can't change your life, but perhaps they can help you to slow down when using them.  Enjoy that cuppa, that soft-boiled egg, that bowl of soup, or the flickering of the candle in the night.    Her mantra?  Simple, clean, functional.​

Sharon has been making pottery for more than 15 years but for most of that time it was something she played at on and off.  Pottery is the unique craft of making objects from ordinary clay.  These objects can be solely artistic in nature, like sculpture, or they can be functional, like a cup.  But regardless of the type, each pottery vessel holds a part of the potter within it.  Sharon prefers creating small batches of things that she loves.  This slow, mindful craft is almost meditative and doing it is when she feels most like herself.