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Lake Silhouette Magnets

Made in Havelock, Ontario

The perfect hostess gift or keepsake from your visit to the Kawartha Lakes.

4" diameter



Pewter desired for its versatility and durability has been used for centuries dating back to the early Egyptian & Roman civilizations.  Modern day pewter is a metal alloy composed mostly of tin with added components of copper, bismuth and/or silver. It is lead free and safe for use. 

Pewter does not tarnish like silver or copper but like all metals, it will slowly oxidize when exposed to air.  When cleaning pewter items it is recommended to use warm soapy water and then towel dry.

These double-sided ornaments come with a red satin ribbon and are presented on a 4" x 6" card. 

Made in Nova Scotia

The purchase of these ornaments support charitable projects in partnership with The Seagull Foundation. 10% of the profits are donated to organizations that support the Arts, Save our Oceans, the protection of wildlife spaces and animal welfare.


Eryn creates beautiful hand-painted watercolour note cards.  A passion for creating unique and one-of-a-kind art pieces, Eryn pulls inspiration from beautiful images viewed both in real life and online.  She completed her Bachelor of Fine Arts degree at Nipissing University and later furthered her education at Lakehead University where she completed a Masters in Education specializing in Indigenous Education.  Eryn strives to ensure each card is different and her passion for painting can sometimes means spending hours creating just one card.

Hand Painted in the Kawartha Lakes, Ontario


Stained Glass by Amanda Walker

Made by Hand in the Kawartha Lakes, Ontario 

Amanda Walker pays meticulous attention to detail in her pursuit to create beautiful stained glass images.  Every season offers a new assortment of beautiful designs. 


Artwork from Nature

Created by hand in Ontario 

Home décor and giftware created using the natural elements that surround us: sea glass, beach glass, stones, and sea shells are artfully combined to complement the artist’s sketches.

One-of-a-kind note cards are the perfect way to send a thoughtful note or as the finishing touch on your gift.  A sentiment graces the cover, the interior is blank for your own special note, a coordinating envelope completes the package.

4" x 6"

$5.99 each

A great gift for any occasion. These frames can be hung on a wall or sit on a shelf.  Our selection is continually changing and may not necessarily be as shown below.  We recommend an in-person shopping experience for a look at our current selection.

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